How Technology Can Guarantee Compliance for Right to Work


How Technology Can Guarantee Compliance for Right to Work

September 6, 2019

Compliance for Right to Work in the UK will be a tricky subject in 2019. With 2018 set to draw to a close, your attention naturally turns to what is available in your budget for 2019. GDPR has introduced itself to the world this year, and Brexit is sure to be the hot topic of the coming 12 months. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the role of technology in ensuring your business is never left behind. One element of this relates to the storage of personal information necessary for compliance for Right to Work in the UK.

What Does Brexit Mean For Compliance?

At the time of writing, the specifics of the Brexit deal are still very much up in the air. With unprecedented levels of detail to be decided , negotiations still to be finalised ramifications for businesses could last years.

This type of uncertainty makes planning for Brexit considerably more difficult than preparing yourself for GDPR. Whilst the latter are defined rules / regulations, the former is seemingly in a state of flux. Add to the mix, the highly complex nature of any deal, and it’s hard to plan for the future when you don’t know what it will look like. One of these elements relates directly to compliance for Right to Work.  It is worthwhile asking a few questions

  • Will there be any new rules?
  • What will employers need to do?
  • Can you be certain that you will be compliant when these changes happen?

Unfortunately, when it comes to the issue of compliance, pleading ignorance is never going to be good enough.

uAuthenticate Offers Protection From Day Zero

No matter when Brexit finally arrives, you need to ready. You can have tools in place that you can trust no matter what the business landscape looks like. Above all this is where the idea of an adaptable system comes into its own.

uAuthenticate is constantly updated to ensure 100% compliance with all rules,  regulations and standards. Using uAuthenticate you ensure your business has a built-in safeguard in an ever-changing world. This provides intelligent insulation against any Right to Work guidance changes which could otherwise impact your business.

In summary, get peace of mind that RTW is taken care of and redirect your team’s time / energy to planning on other knock-on effects of Brexit.

Efficiency Will Be Key in the New Business Landscape

With GDPR and Brexit hitting businesses in 2018/2019,  rarely has their been a time of greater change in recent history. Change is good in that it drives innovation — like using uAuthenticate to go fully paperless. Legacy systems can easily go out of date and feel the strain.

Our approach is to make a virtue out of the greater demands being placed on business, by using it as a key constraint with which we can drive efficiency. Looking for new ways to get more things done in less time is one of the areas in which technology comes into its own. By making repetitive processes quick and easy for people to manage in a fully paperless environment, we can join up multiple sites with the click of a button whilst at the same time beefing up your compliance for Right to Work in the UK.

That way you have the tools you need to get the most out of your team in a time when change is very much the word of the moment.

Tech ensures you can centralise training needs

As the business landscapes rapidly change, it’s hard to keep track of individual training needs across all of your staff. By using tools like uAuthenticate to centralise key Right to Work processes, you can readily identify training gaps. Perfect for ensuring that your team is always pulling in the same direction.

Finally thoughts on compliance for Right to Work in the UK

Technolgy has a role to play in driving efficiency in business, now more than ever. With unprecedented, and as yet undefined change on the horizon in the form of Brexit, it pays to use technology. Use this to insulate yourself against any changes and ensure your compliance for Right to Work in the UK.

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