Eshan Sharma

Overall, uComply Right to Work & TimeDNA Workforce Management have played a pivotal role in transforming ServiceMaster Glasgow’s operations, paving the way for increased productivity, compliance, and overall efficiency in the workforce management and onboarding processes.

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Katie Goodfellow

uComply have provided us with one standardised Right to Work paperless solution giving us complete confidence and peace of mind that the risk of illegal working has been eradicated, and our rigorous compliance onboarding procedures are followed for all new hires. to read the full study click here.


Karen Kirkby

“Westmeria Recruitment have been using uComply since 2014, we continue to receive prompt and efficient support with any issues which we may have. There is always someone available to guide us through the system to ensure any queries are resolved. (more…)


Carron Henley

Previously our HR team were constantly chasing our managers out in the field to get the correct information for onboarding. Now with everything in one space on the app, there is far less clarification needed on the information we receive.

This reduced the need for paper forms, helping to minimise waste and save their HR team precious time.

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Jane Malone

We chose to work with uComply because it’s always linked to the most up to date Home Office guidance, this gives us confidence that when we are carrying out right to work checks we are up to-date with the latest compliance.

One thing that’s been really useful for us is the training that uComply have provided, we found that to be really valuable especially when there are any changes to the Right to Work checking process.

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Sam Patching


We’re quite a forward thinking and innovative company and uComply fits into that. Through uAuthenticate we could give everyone access to the software via their phones which was the easiest solution.


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Jennifer Fleming

Everything has gone very smoothly since we started working with uComply. We have a relatively small HR team and need the right solution to support the business.

The training went well, and we’ve managed to engage with all 124 stores in just 4 weeks which has been great. Our technical team have felt really supported at every stage of the process.

We chose uComply because they understand our business needs and we have a great relationship with them, which is very important to us


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Rachel Ashmore

Following on from our recent Right to Work training session I’d like to let you know how useful we all found this. As well as verifying and consolidating the information and processes we already have, we also picked up some incredibly useful hints and tips which we will be using going forwards. 

We would also like to extend our thanks to Stefan. Everyone was very complimentary about his training manner and the breadth of his knowledge. He kept the session engaging at all times and everyone felt comfortable enough to ask questions without fear that they were asking a “silly” question.

All in all I would highly recommend the session for the content, and yourselves for the service. If we have to roll out future sessions then I wouldn’t hesitate to use you again!



Paul Ashton

We looked at several systems and chose uComply because it offered the widest range of checks, the price is keen and its training is superb. Ultimately, the system demonstrates our active commitment to stringent processes and therefore peace of mind as a business owner. It’s easy to use, non-aggressive, does what it promises and our staff love it for its simplicity.

Paul, who is Chairman of the CSSA Innovation and Technology Board has invested heavily in technology this year. He said, This is the first piece of technology that has immediately paid for itself, impressed our clients and enhanced our reputation. It sets the tone of professionalism right from the start at the very first interview. I wish all software was so easy and user friendly.


Ian Rogan

I had booked a Right to Work training session through uComply in order for colleagues to have some refresher training on the current Right to Work Regulations and how we can maintain compliance in the future.  From the start of the enquiry process, Kim–Marie was very helpful in helping me tailor the session into what we required for our colleagues.

On the day of the training, Stefan Sosnowski attended and was very knowledgeable and helpful when delivering the training content.  The training materials used were helpful and informative and will aid our colleagues to maintain complaint records going forward. 

Would highly recommend!



Samantha Hindmarsh

uComply’s solution has been a god send. In our head office we are confident that for Right to Work all of our managers now follow the same process whenever recruiting staff and as an added bonus uAthenticate mobile gives a pass/fail on ID documents. We can review the documents scanned out in the field more quickly and advise on any issues raised. uComply’s helpdesk are knowledgeable and always willing to answer our questions no matter how small. If you are looking for a mobile solution which helps with Right to Work compliance then uComply will “fit the bill”.


Hayley Brown

Thank you again for the great training session with Stefan last week. He is clearly an expert in his area and shared his knowledge and advice in a really engaging style. He provided some interesting insights and tips and has really helped my team understand what to look for and what to be aware of when checking documentation.
What I really appreciated was how much he tailored the session to the NHS. He highlighted the NHS Standards and spent some time on the ID checks we do around proof  of addresses. It was great to have the training so relevant to our organisation and needs.


Scott Knight

At Dirty Harry’s we pride ourselves on the service we offer Clients and uComply’s system uAuthenticate Pro has definitely helped to enhance our offering even further.

We can now confidently state that – from a workforce of 360+ employees – we no longer have a single illegal worker on our payroll.

All staff are now vetted using on-site “border standard” passport scanners. Moreover we have seen a dramatic decrease in false applications. As those with fake documentation now actively avoid us. Saving our Admin and Management significant time and money.

The uComply team have always been extremely helpful, engaging and most importantly – knowledgeable. No matter what queries we have thrown at them. Even without this additional strength in depth – the system is highly affordable. Add in the free support – and we believe uComply offers unbeatable value for money.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend uComply’s Right to Work solution to any firm who is serious about compliance in today’s workplace.


Jo-mandi Templeton

“Just a huge thank you to the entire uComply team for the excellent service and training. And also for being such an important extension of our business.

There is always a friendly voice on the other side of the phone with instant and informative assistance. It adds significant value to our brand and integrity to the service we strive to offer our clients. An irreplaceable ‘firewall’ for the Right to Work process in our business!

Amazing company and we truly value our partnership”


Tina Anne Tout

I have worked in Recruitment for 15 years, predominately on a temporary desk; so, these compliance checks are crucial to our business. I was interested to learn more about identity checking for the Right to Work and how to spot a fake identification.

I contacted Stefan after speaking to my Managing Director as I thought it would be very beneficial for the team to also attend the uComply ID training. We arranged this at our Scarborough office over, 2 sessions. All the team really enjoyed the training and found it very useful, they were able to pick up extra ID checking techniques and Stefan was able to answer any questions we had.

Whilst we were in the training Stefan showed us the uComply phone app and the software available, we all loved it and felt it would be a key tool for our company to have due to the high volume of candidates we work with on a temporary basis.

We then arranged for Web training on how to use the software and Steven from uComply talked through each step of the process and the different ID checks the app could do.

We now have the uComply app in place as part of our inhouse registration process and we feel much more confident with our ID checks; recording our compliance checks is so much easier now thanks to the report the app produced.

We feel that we have received an excellent service from uComply, Stefan and the team with their thorough training and support, software app and aftercare they provide and would definitely recommend their services to any Recruitment business.


Kevin Rendell

“We are delighted with uComply’s system uAuthenticate.  We now consider uAuthenticate as a vital component in futureproofing our own right to work process for our locum workforce.

Furthermore, the entire uComply team are outstanding; from initial contact, installation and training to ongoing business support and customer care.

In conclusion we would wholeheartedly recommend uAuthenticate to any business looking for a document authentication/right to work solution.”


Catherine Patterson

“uComply have delivered a great service and demonstrated good knowledge of the right to work process in the UK which supports our own in-house training.  We would recommend their product uAuthenticate to other businesses and believe it has helped us enormously to ensure we only recruit candidates who have the legal right to work in the UK.  While we are all competent to undertake visual inspections of right to work documents, we now have the peace of mind that the secondary check on uAuthenticate will, and has, identified illegal documents.  Consequently we would highly recommend this software to other employers”


A24 Group

“uComply have been with us every step of the way from installation to training and additional support. It feels like having an extra person on the team, always friendly and able to assist. We’d wholeheartedly recommend their right to work process system uAuthenticate as a solid product which does exactly what it says it does and uComply’s support team for their service and depth of understanding.”


Paul Sadler

“As a healthcare recruitment company we meet many people from all over the world who would like to work in the NHS and our private clients.  It is not only critical that they have the skills needed to do their work. We also need to know that the candidates wishing to work with us can prove they are who they say they are. (i.e. they have the right to work.)  Fines are one thing, however patient safety is a far greater concern.  uComply, through uAuthenticate gave us a commercially accessible solution and we believe it is the best in the market.  There are various other solutions out there, however we found the right to work process in uAuthenticate the most comprehensive.

Once we agreed to go ahead it was a seamless integration. Together with the help of uComply’s experienced team we didn’t have any problems getting up and running quickly.  The system is really user friendly and after initial training our compliance team got the hang of it.  We certainly feel the system is delivering on its promises. Also, the support team is great at getting back to us if we have any queries.”


Les Paddington

We recently had a training course provided by uComply who were recommended to us.

Stefan delivered a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of “right to work” compliance. Stefan is very knowledgeable as you would expect and demonstrated to what lengths illegals and Imposters will go to forge paperwork and how to spot these elaborate forgeries. We learnt a great deal over and above our existing knowledge.

“Invaluable”. uComply are now a valued partner and an extension of our team

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