uAuthenticate Mobile – Right to Work checks on your phone

Scan documents and identify fake IDs – on the go. With uAuthenticate Mobile Right to Work checks are available in your pocket. You can be protected.

Identity fraud is a massive issue in the UK. One estimate suggested upwards of 1 million illegal immigrants in the UK. If your workers aren’t who they say they are, you are at risk of fines of up to £20,000 per illegal (if your Right to Work checks are not carried out correctly). You could additionally have the risk of imprisonment or reputational damage.

The scenario is: You’re out of the office, with someone you’ve never met before bringing proof of identity. Are the documents genuine? When more than 8,000 document fraudsters are creating false identities in the EU as you read this, can you really trust your eyes?

uAuthenticate Mobile right to work checks wherever you are

Why not use our app to do your Right to Work checks with clearly defined processes and the ability to control all information centrally.

If you and your colleagues have smartphones, you can use uComply’s uAuthenticate Mobile.
Our simple to use ID checking solution ensures Home Office compliance – and in addition you can use it wherever your are.

Do you really have to worry about Right to Work checks?
Look at it this way: one of our clients, a recruitment business sending people to work in people’s own homes and care homes, discovered that 20% of their applicants were offering fraudulent documents as proof of ID.

Right to Work checks - how we do it

We believe in making Right to Work compliance as simple as it can be.

Relying on eyesight and photocopying can be bad for your business. Up to £20,000 of bad, every time you’re wrong. And, persistent failure could lead to a prison sentence.

uAuthenticate mobile protects you and your business through compliant Right to Work checks. And all you need is a phone, plus our app, for complete compliance. Consequently you get that all-important Statutory Excuse.

uAuthenticate gives you more protection with a technology enabled Right to Work process

We begin by reading the chip on the documents to ensure the document is good. Our solution complies with the Home Office guidance and is automatically updated. Consequently you’ll always be up-to-date in your Right to Work process. You’ll have one standard process followed across your organization for Right to Work checks. And, it’s incredibly cost-effective. A small fraction of the cost of a single fine.

Our solution is perfect for all companies, whether you have remote workers or are multi-site. Everyone – from HR to recruitment businesses, construction firms to universities, financial advisers to estate agencies benefit. As a result using our solution you can easily and affordably guarantee compliance.  Right to Work checks, ID checking (including id checking for AML/KYC) and ensure a pass any UKVI inspection.

Consequently, don’t risk your business and your reputation over something as easy to get wrong as false documents contact us to find out more. Right to Work checks should be a simple step in your recruitment process.

Finally, if technology is not for you why not consider Right to Work training. We offer comprehensive on-site training for groups.


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