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What is Digital ID?

Digital ID is currently a part of the Home Office guidance to facilitate remote checking. Our Right to Work checking world had been revolutionised with the COVID temporary guidance (born out of necessity) in facilitating the remote checking of workers . This temporary guidance ended on 30th September 2022.

There are some simple steps to ensure you continue to remain compliant when recruiting workers:

  • If you continue to see your candidates in person, either at induction or before they begin working for you, you can still perform a physical check with eligible original documents as per the guidance
  • Where candidates have a document which can be validated electronically you can use the government’s share-code/ ECS processes and see the candidates face-to-face or remotely over a video.
  • To remotely recruit candidates from the UK and Ireland you will need to obtain their Digital ID through a suitable, compliant process using an IDSP (Identity Service Provider).
    Alternatively you will need to examine the candidates original documents as per the face-to-face process

If you are looking for a Digital ID provider – uComply’s solution uIDentify has been certified under the Digital Identity Certification Scheme allowing us to provide the Digital ID’s.

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Digital ID – a few simple steps

Digital ID facilitates remote recruitment of UK and Irish nationals for companies of all sizes.

For example using our solution for digital enrolment uIDentify, the employer invites the candidate to enrol through our portal. We ask them using our App to:

            • Take a Selfie
            • Perform a liveness check (a simple example can be seen to the left)
            • Scan their passport
            • Submit the results to our secure cloud

Most importantly, you will then receive the results allowing you to use their Digital ID in your recruitment process.

Contact us to find out how uIDentify can help with Digital ID your recruitment process.

If you’d like ultimate compliance, our solution for Right to Work uAuthenticate can ensure consistency with the Home Office guidance enabling you to achieve a Statutory Excuse.

We have over the years strived to provide our clients with solutions and processes that adhere to the Home Office guidance. We ensure that you are compliant and we continually strive to deliver new innovative solutions.

As a result of our clients requests we have developed Onboarding, Candidate Self Service and most recently uIDentify.

Above all, technology should seen as a valuable enabler for your company.
Our solutions provide an increase in efficiency and allow you to reduce the risks in your company’s recruitment process

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