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Protecting our planets valuable resources is important. Performing checks for Right to Work and Onboarding of Staff sustainably is a small step that we could take.

Onboarding compliance flow for full ETW or RTW

Paper is everywhere. It seems that performing the Right to Work checks and the full Onboarding process demands paper.

We hardly think about it, but businesses spend a lot of time and money moving paperwork around, filing it and ensuring its security.

uComply can help you get rid of paper connected to your Right to Work and Onboarding processes entirely.

Making your documents digital means they will be simpler, easier to store and send, more searchable and more versatile than paper.

Why not embrace this, save a tree and go paperless?

The correct right to work and onboarding of staff is important to all of us.

One thing is certain, we are all moving towards a digital world where physical storage of documents is gradually being consigned to the bin.

digitise your Right to Work and onboarding process

However, the challenges of compliance with changing regulations can cause sleepless nights.

Whether its Right to Work, GDPR, Health & Safety and Employment contracts, the list seems endless. Getting your workers’ onboarding documentation right from the start is critical.

If you can get your enrollment process accurate and efficient your employees journey starts off on the right footing.


uComply’s solution uOnboard helps.

In summary for your onboarding of staff we:

  • Create one process for your candidates journey of employment starting with the right to work process
  • Let you see your documents uploaded in real time
  • Get rid of forests of paperwork and ensure greater GDPR compliance.
  • Store all your documents centrally, securely encrypted in the cloud for easier retrieval and management.
  • Ensure your recruiting managers have everything in place before you incur additional costs e.g. DBS checks, HR enrolment etc.

right to work and OnBoarding process advantages

As a result of the above, uComply can ensure your Right to Work process is compliant. It provides a platform for you to make your right to work and onboarding process paperless. We take your existing documents and digitise them so that there is a seamless integration into your current procedures.

Improve your green credentials with our onBoarding process

In summary, go Paperless, Protect, Save Time and ensure employees have the statutory Right to Work and have completed the Right documents to Work for your organisation.

Finally, whilst many believe a few pages do not matter, reducing their usage is a small step, but it’s a step towards a greener world. Based upon feedback we would not be surprised if it saved you money as well.

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