uAuthenticate Pro for complete Home office compliance with Right to Work

Research suggests that 1 in 20 workers in the UK may be illegal. Home Office compliance for Right to Work checking is essential. Can you afford the risk of a £60k fine for each illegal worker?

Our solution, uAuthenticate – quick, easy and accurate scanning and validation of passports and other identity documents, keeping you 100% legal and compliant with the current Home Office guidance. It:

  • Is simple to operate and being wizard driven requires minimal trainingCompliance with the Home OFfice guidance
  • Checks and authenticates over 3,000 types of identity documents in seconds in line with Home Office guidance
  • Ensures the correct combination of documents
  • Ensures compliance with the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999, Prevention of Illegal Working and and Government’s Immigration Acts. The solution is always up-to-date with changes as and when they happen.
  • Is Equality Act 2010 compliant, protecting you against accusations of racial and cultural discrimination
  • Provides alerts when time limited documents expire (visas etc.)
  • Provides a full audit trail behind all entries and eliminates loss of paper copies.

So, how can you ensure Home Office compliance for Right to Work?

Our solution uAuthenticate automatically scans documents in ultraviolet, infrared and white light, extracting data storeHome Office compliance Checks simplifiedd on the RFID. Checks are on the visible and invisible security features. Furthermore on the compliance with the Home Office guidance. The result gives you a clear pass or fail result on the document in a matter of seconds.

All results are easy to read, user friendly and our wizard means minimal user training. Our system is the only solution and has built in Home Office guidance. You will not get the right to work in the UK until the right combination of documents for the person’s nationality and answers to relevant questions.

All records have a full audit trail of who did what and when for inspection by your compliance team in an un-editable format. All the data is on your own servers further ensuring GDPR compliance

The system is customizable to your organisation’s requirements and the user friendly dashboard makes it simple to manage your candidates. uAuthenticate alerts you to any documents about to expire. Furthermore it can be expanded to act as a complementary HR & compliance tool.

In summary, Scan > Authenticate > Comply in seconds = Statutory Excuse

Alternatively if your Right to Work process is completely decentralized we have a mobile solution that ensure full home Office compliance with the Right to Work process.

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