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Ensuring new candidates are effectively onboarded with constantly changing regulations can be challenging. Our Self Service option will reduce the time your recruiting managers spend with candidates. Especially, where in today’s world, candidates can be recruited anywhere across the country. Candidate Self Service helps you to expand your recruitment reach and send the documentation to your candidates for completion ahead of time.

How does it work? In tandem with uOnboard Candidate Self Service allows the candidates to prefill the documentation important for your recruitment process. Using a link they complete the information required in a simple to follow process. The video below gives an example of Candidate Self Service in use.


This information is captured online prior to the interview stage and can be reviewed by your recruitment team.

This ensures your candidates have all the necessary documentation in place before you embark on costly interviews.

The self service process improves efficiency where:

  • less time is spent on form filling with the manager
  • less chance of ‘no shows’ for interviews
  • there is improved visibility using the online portal to view the status of candidates during the recruitment process.

Self Service example during the onboarding process

Now during the interview by the recruiting manager only the face-to-face elements need to be completed. Many of our clients use this opportunity to complete the UK Right to Work checks. Then they continue to complete the compliance forms that they require for all new workers. Once all is in order and complete a contract of employment which is signed by the candidate and a copy is immediately sent to them.  This allows the candidate to start speeding up the onboarding process.

Self Service has additional benefits for TUPE transfers, as most of the forms required are prefilled by the new workforce. This helps ensure compliance and speeds up onboarding making the TUPE process seamless.


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