Go Paperless, Protect, Save Time and ensure employees have the Right to Work

Changing regulations can constantly cause sleepless nights for all employers, but this may be a blessing in disguise. Right to Work, GDPR, Brexit, Employment Issues, the list seems endless. One thing is certain physical storage of documents is being consigned to the bin, why not embrace this save a tree and go paperless. Security should now be at the heart of any successful business and good compliance will form your backbone. We at uComply believe we can help you:

Uncompromising Paperless Design as Standard

technology allows you to be safe, go paperless and ensure compliance with Right to Work

Our App uAuthenticate mobile doesn’t just get rid of mountains of paperwork; it’s GDPR compliant from the moment you download it. Fully encrypted cloud storage as standard ensures you can sleep easy knowing that every piece of data you gather is stored securely. At the same time you can take your first step to go paperless.


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5 Reasons Why Right to Work Training Matters to You

Training for Right to Work ensures that you remain compliant and helps you and your staff avoid the risk of getting it wrong

Ensure your staff h get training for right to workThe most important thing about learning a new skill is applying it. By offering engaging practical training sessions we allow you to put your knowledge and skills about Right to Work into practice so that you can see how everything fits together.

Whether it be group discussions, vetting fake documentation, or a quick test, we put you through your paces with real world examples. This approach allows your team to gain experience quickly and efficiently. Essential for gaining both confidence, and competence, when it comes to doing the job the right way.

With the ability to spot a fake in the field your team will be able to draw on experience when they come to do it for real. We also devote time to highlighting common pitfalls and mistakes that we’ve seen over the years.

Refresher Courses Keep Your Knowledge Current ….

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The right to work here

Everyone has a right to work, but not all have the right to work in the UK. Employing those who want to work here is one issue, but employing those who can legally work here is another.

Checking the legality and documentation is fast becoming an enormous problem with the production of better fake documents.
Right to Work Step - ensure compliance with DPA and the new GDPR regulationsFrom now until Brexit day we anticipate thousands of workers will enter the UK before the door is shut. Many will be in the FM, care, healthcare, building, catering and leisure industries. The majority will have genuine paperwork and a legal right to work here.

However, a minority will not be eligible. Sifting these out is a big issue especially when fines of £20,000 or imprisonment are the penalties for employing a person without genuine paperwork. One firm using our solution is discovering one fake a month. Based upon the going rate of fines you could equate this to a quarter million pound saving since they came on board. It is hardly surprising considering there are an estimated 8,000+ producers of fake documents across Europe.

How does the HR or regional manager carrying out interviews proceed confidently? An interviewer can, using our process driven solution, tell immediately whether the interviewee has genuine documents and is legally allowed to work here. For the less than the cost of a cup of coffee per candidate you get to sleep easy knowing that you do not have illegal workers  and are keeping on the right side of the law.
At the same time, HR could delegate large elements of the work to operational staff. As the right to work Home Office guidance process is built into our software it ensures a greater level of compliance even with inexperienced users. HR can oversee the results centrally focusing on the exceptions creating process efficiencies.

The right to work mobile version – uAuthenticate Mobile

For the Area Manager interviewing staff away from the office our checking process is completely paperless and carried out on a mobile. ID checking on the move; simplify your Right to WorkThe interviewer taps in the country of origin and a list of all necessary documentation will appear. They can then tell the candidate what is required for the interview.

Our solution allows the interviewer to take a photograph, save it to the cloud and the candidate signs the screen to allow storage of their documents. Essentially, providing a permission based process. Now for the clever part – our App can scan the documents, read and save all the data from the information stored on the passports’ chip too.

All the information is stored safely and securely in our encrypted cloud solution for easy retrieval or easy deletion. In addition, a centralised HR team or compliance function can easily review all workers information.

The right to work desktop version uAuthenticate Pro

ID passport checkingIdeal for office based HR recruiters on a PC or laptop interviewing a large number of candidates at a central location.

Our Pro version incorporates a passport checker (the same type used in airports and border crossings). This allows a forensic level of checks for the passport in UV, Infrared light and chip reading. In addition, all the ID documents scanned are compared against a document library like a technological game of snap. This system is the only one that offers Home Office Guidance and this level of full passport authentication.
All the information is stored safely and securely on the company’s own servers for easy retrieval or deletion.

User speak

One fast growing contract cleaning company, Birkin Cleaning Services of Welwyn Garden City, has used uAuthenticate mobile for six months and the Company is pleased to have the system as insurance that every new member of staff is working legally.

Birkin CEO Paul Ashton finds the system essential to his recruitment. He said: “We looked at several systems and chose uComply because it offered the widest range of checks, the price is keen and its training is superb. Ultimately, the system demonstrates our active commitment to stringent processes and therefore peace of mind as a business owner. It’s easy to use, non-aggressive, does what it promises and our staff love it for its simplicity.”

Paul, who is Chairman of the CSSA Innovation and Technology Board has invested heavily in technology this year. He said “This is the first piece of technology that has immediately paid for itself, impressed our clients and enhanced our reputation. It sets the tone of professionalism right from the start at the very first interview. I wish all software was so easy and user friendly.”

What happens?

protect yourself from illegal workersThere will be some readers asking the question. ‘What if a very clever fake gets through the system….’. The answer is comforting because if the employer can prove that it has all the documents checked, cleared, signed and dated, there should be no fine. So as the forgers get smarter, so do uComply’s solutions. If the Home Office guidance changes, our systems are updated. We have the only system that incorporates Home Office guidelines combined with this level of checks. Furthermore, no data leaves the UK.

The process does not end once a candidate is cleared as our process is continuous. Alerts are created concerning expiring documents like passports, VISA, Biometric cards, country ID cards, ECS check and driving licences. Our development, help desk, data storage functions are UK based with no external call centre.

Our system is priced so that it is within reach of employers, contractors and recruitment businesses. Employing one illegal worker by accident can cause immeasurable damage to your business and tarnish your valuable reputation.

When considering employing someone the golden rule is ‘If in doubt – don’t’.

uComply are an innovation finalist for their Right to Work Solution uAuthenticate Mobile

uComply innovation finalist for our Right to Work Solution uAuthenticate MobileOur Right to Work Solution uAuthenticate Mobile is in the spotlight again and received strong praise for its innovative design and ease of use.

It is always good to hear a third party’s view on how well we stack up in the real world.

So how did it all come about?

It all started with one of our clients recommending that we enter for the CSSA hosted award for innovation. This we duly completed and a month later we were notified that our submission had passed.

We were (as 1 of 26 successful submissions from the first round) invited to a dragon’s den panel of cleaning industry professionals to grill us extensively. We demonstrated our Right to Work Solution and answered many questions, including:

  • How our Right to Work Solution is innovative.
  • Overview of the technology we use
  • What the Home Office guidance is and how it is addressed in our solution

As a result of the HOW we were 1 of 6 finalists and invited to a great event at The Brewery in Chiswell Street. Many of the cleaning members were present and got a chance to look first hand at our Right to Work solution uAuthenticate Mobile and, additionally, at uAuthenticate Pro.

Getting invites to events on merit and not a sponsorship fee is unusual in today’s age. Congratulations to the CSSA for taking such a bold step and organising a great day.

Why have I gone through the details above for our Right to Work Solution and Technology?

As a technology led firm, we are always innovating and look to constantly receive feedback. From either our clients or prospects we always try and incorporating ideas to enhancing our solutions. However, one of the biggest challenges we face is the one of education. Although Identity document checking systems have been around for a few years not many people know about them.

In 2012 uAuthenticate Pro (our personal computer version) a true Right to Work Solution, was introduced. For the first time combining document checking whilst fully incorporating the Home Office guidance.

Technology moves on and last year we introduced uAuthenticate Mobile which uses smart phones to check the documents whilst fully incorporating the Home Office guidance. Thereby bringing the benefits of the Right to Work process to your fingertips and being available when and where you want it.

Call us to find out more.

Right to Work image comparison challenges

image comparison of moon shots to highlight some of the challenges with Right to Work image

Which one is the original picture

This is from a set of blogs which I am writing for TEAM which I thought may be worth sharing to a wider audience. The first looks at Right to Work image comparison challenges faced.

We are all individual and see the world with very different viewpoints. Ask different people the same question about an image that they have seen and you are quite likely to get different answers (Almost certainly when you get into details).
One of my hobbies is photography and I thought I’d use one of my pictures to illustrate how our perceptions can differ. Let’s take the photos of the moon above and ask, which photo is the one nearest to reality?

Which one would you choose? Do you care?

First of all, if your job or your companies reputation depended on it then perhaps it would matter…….

Secondly, the answer;

They are all the same photo but one has remained unadulterated and the other two have had varying degrees of contrast/focus elements applied. If you’d really like to know which one is as I took it, please send me a message using our contact form.

What planet are you on I hear you saying? (pun intended) How does this relate to Right to Work?

Please read on.……
Every time you engage/employ someone you run a challenge of not correctly identifying the potential employee and accuracy really does matter.

Facial recognition and the importance of the Right to Work image

Two photos - are they the same

Are the two pictures above the same person or could they be relatives?

Make an error here and suddenly you may be on the wrong side of a £20,000 fine. Whenever I speak about Right to Work checks, as per the Home Office guidance, I rightly focus on fake documents in the main. Based upon research in the field by government officials, “imposters” are beginning to make up a significant proportion of the fines issued for illegal working.  Consequently whilst delivering training around the on-boarding process for Right to Work I specifically drill down into identification techniques.

With reference to the pictures above, they are both of me (about 5 years apart). The left-hand image where I’m not smiling is what is held on the passport chip. (At uComply we use technology to access the RFID chip. As a result the users can see this electronic image, effectively you can compare the invisible versus the visible). The second image is from our company’s website.
The more observant among you may have noticed that the eye colour is different between the images. Should this be a failure? Especially relevant in this case my eyes do change colour based upon the ambient lighting conditions. Issues like this present ideal opportunities to engage with potential candidates/employees and get to know them better. Surprisingly eye colour differences would not necessarily concern me provided a few appropriate questions are answered. Ensure your Right to Work image comparison covers this element and stores any decisions made.
I cover this, and more during a training session, including the essentials of facial recognition. The Right to Work image check is a vital part of the process.

Right to Work and how to ensure you are protected

Simply put, there is a defence against not spotting the ‘obvious fake’ as you are not expected to be document experts, hence a mistake could happen. I defy anyone (who is not visually impaired in some way) to try and defend against an ‘imposter’. (i.e. where the individual employed does not look like the identity documents they provided.) This is a key requirement in the Right to Work process, consequently you open yourselves to a fine of £20,000.

This blog is the first of a series where I look at the whole Right to Work process. As a result by the end of the series you will reduce the risk of receiving a fine. If you’d like to know more sooner, then get in touch.

Finally being that time of year, I’d like to wish you all a prosperous New Year.



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