Digital ID – what is it?


Digital ID – what is it?

August 11, 2022

Digital ID facilitates remote recruitment

Digital ID has recently become a “buzz word” banded about as a panacea for all things to do with onboarding checks for new and existing staff.

But, what is Digital ID?

  • Digital ID is the government’s new method for applicants to validate their identity remotely.
  • Our solution uIDentify works for all valid UK and Irish passports and passport cards.
  • It can be used to validate these ID documents for DBS checks, Disclosure Scotland checks and Right to Work checks.
  • When an applicant uses our digital ID solution to successfully verify themselves it removes the need to check identification documents face-to-face.

If you still see your candidates face-to-face then this is not for you. However we may be able to help you with our product uAuthenticate which will ensure your recruiting team correctly follow the Home Office guidance process and eliminate the risk of illegal workers.

Here’s a summary of the benefits of using our technology

  • Allows for the recruitment of UK and Irish candidates remotely.
  • Provides you assurance that the candidates documents presented are authentic.
  • Reduces the risk of illegal workers.
  • Increases your company’s compliance processes
  • Gives you a central oversight of your onboarding process

As well as Digital ID, our solutions help with your recruitment onboarding processes. uOnboard :

  • Creates one process for your candidates journey of employment starting with the right to work process
  • Lets you see documents uploaded in real time
  • Removes the need for paper as it’s totally digital and helps ensure greater GDPR compliance.
  • Stores all your documents centrally, securely encrypted in the cloud for easy retrieval and management.
  • Ensures your recruiting managers have everything in place before you incur additional costs e.g. DBS checks, HR enrolment etc.
  • Enables you to issue a contract of employment before the employee starts

Get in contact with us to find our how we can help with not just the Digital ID but with your end-to-end onboarding process.

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