uComply are an innovation finalist for their Right to Work Solution uAuthenticate Mobile

uComply innovation finalist for our Right to Work Solution uAuthenticate MobileOur Right to Work Solution uAuthenticate Mobile is in the spotlight again and received strong praise for its innovative design and ease of use.

It is always good to hear a third party’s view on how well we stack up in the real world.

So how did it all come about?

It all started with one of our clients recommending that we enter for the CSSA hosted award for innovation. This we duly completed and a month later we were notified that our submission had passed.

We were (as 1 of 26 successful submissions from the first round) invited to a dragon’s den panel of cleaning industry professionals to grill us extensively. We demonstrated our Right to Work Solution and answered many questions, including:

  • How our Right to Work Solution is innovative.
  • Overview of the technology we use
  • What the Home Office guidance is and how it is addressed in our solution

As a result of the HOW we were 1 of 6 finalists and invited to a great event at The Brewery in Chiswell Street. Many of the cleaning members were present and got a chance to look first hand at our Right to Work solution uAuthenticate Mobile and, additionally, at uAuthenticate Pro.

Getting invites to events on merit and not a sponsorship fee is unusual in today’s age. Congratulations to the CSSA for taking such a bold step and organising a great day.

Why have I gone through the details above for our Right to Work Solution and Technology?

As a technology led firm, we are always innovating and look to constantly receive feedback. From either our clients or prospects we always try and incorporating ideas to enhancing our solutions. However, one of the biggest challenges we face is the one of education. Although Identity document checking systems have been around for a few years not many people know about them.

In 2012 uAuthenticate Pro (our personal computer version) a true Right to Work Solution, was introduced. For the first time combining document checking whilst fully incorporating the Home Office guidance.

Technology moves on and last year we introduced uAuthenticate Mobile which uses smart phones to check the documents whilst fully incorporating the Home Office guidance. Thereby bringing the benefits of the Right to Work process to your fingertips and being available when and where you want it.

Call us to find out more.

uComply showing their Right to Work process at the Dementia Care and Nursing home Expo

The countdown for the show in April is well underway. We are pleased to be exhibiting on Stand 13042 where we will be demonstrating our Right to Work process for you. We also can explain how we help with your GDPR compliance.

In addition, with my presenters hat on I will be speaking at the Expo to share my views on this years hot topic.

The Right to Work process and GDPR are they linked and whats the risk?

Future proof your Right to Work process

A simple two minute demonstration will change your compliance Right to Work process for ever. The collaboration between our technology and your staff ensures your Right to Work process gives a Statutory Excuse. Also, utilising our unique signature capture, uAuthenticate mobile supports your GDPR compliance.

The best part about our Right to Work process App uAuthenticate mobile is it:

  • works where you work - no more going back to the office all the time.
  • uses your own mobile phones - no additional hardware.
  • has the Home Office guidance built in - reduce the need for training.
  • ensures that the risk of missing a step in on-boarding during your Right to Work process is all but eliminated. Essentially all your staff are taken through a wizard and follow the same uniform process.
  • presents you with a fully compliant process at an affordable price.
  • stores your data securely in a centralised cloud database (with worker permission) - a vital GDPR compliance step is achieved.

In summary, we are sure that you can benefit from our technology in your Right to Work process.

Despite this we understand that technology is not for everyone so, why not ask us about our Right to Work training?

We look forward to welcoming you on Stand 13042. Click on the link below and claim you free tickets. Or alternatively fill out our contact form.

Right to Work at the Carehome and Dementia Expo

uComply is pleased to be a part of TEAM

uComply is delighted to be a part of TEAM as a service provideruComply is pleased to be a part of TEAM.


Kim-Marie our MD (with 25 plus years in recruitment) has for a long time been an advocate of helping businesses of all sizes. She believes that the ability to provide compliance to all who supply staff on an even footing to clients is important. Kim-Marie has been struck by the ethos and aims that TEAM provides for its membership. It is important that small to medium sized recruiters have a voice in todays market place as they’re a vital lifeblood for the economy.

Kim-Marie believes uComply’s offering uAuthenticate can bring real value to all members. It provides full Home Office guidance compliance for the Right to Work process. She said “the days of compliance only being affordable for the large companies needs to be addressed. I believe that uAuthenticate is an affordable option whilst at the same time being effective for small companies”. Followed by, “Being a part of TEAM as a service provider is important to us as a company”

The availability of good quality forged documents is on the increase. Consequently the risk of employing a person presenting fakes is also on the increase. Various articles and studies have suggested indicative costs for fake documents. They include 50 for a French ID card, £600 for a Biometric card to £3,000 for a good UK passport.  Whilst the good quality fakes may not attract a penalty they may still involve adverse publicity following an inspection by the UKVI.

Did you know that technology can help streamline your Right to Work Process?

Right to Work in the UK simplified by using technologyWe’ve removed the manual nature of the traditional Right to Work in the UK compliance checking process.

We’ve taken the Home Office guidance and combined this with passport scanners just like the ones used at airports and border control points.

This presents you with an effective use of technology which when followed will give you a statutory excuse.

Wouldn’t you like to know that your Right to Work compliance is as controlled as it can be?

uComply are attending to launch an exciting new product at the upcoming TEAM conference in March this year and we look forward to meeting and greeting you.

Don’t forget that as TEAM members you qualify for a discount, all you need to do is ask.


Talent Leaders Connect 25th February Kings Fund, London W1

uComply are delighted to be sponsoring the next Talent Leaders Connect event at the King’s Fund.

Stefan Sosnowski (one of our Directors) is one of the guest speakers and will be giving a presentation on:

Right to Work – How hard can it be?
Current guidance overview
Some of the changes proposed by the Bill going through Parliament
How to de-risk your on-boarding process

Read more