The Employment Challenge for Onboarding


The Employment Challenge for Onboarding

May 1, 2020

Ucomply were delighted to have been selected as one of 9 exciting innovations to go forward to the CSSA’s Innovation Showcase 2020 with our Employment Challenge offering uOnboard.

Businesses of all sizes are facing a number of employment challenges when it comes to the onboarding of staff. From our research we found three challenges consistently came up as important:

employment challenges faced by businesses when onboarding staffGreen credentials – Environmental impact is important to all. Gartner believes between 1 & 3% of a companies revenue can be spent on printing services. Each employee can utilise 8000 sheets PA and that’s one equivalent to one Tree!
Compliance – when employing workers we need to ensure that all onboarding steps have taken place. Examples include Health and Safety, training, GDPR compliance and information capture is accurate and consistent across the the recruitment process.
Cost & efficiency – Margins are tight you need to reduce cost, maximum controls and be able to demonstrate their full compliance to management at a glance

It may surprisingly to some of you that the Cleaning and FM sectors require very high levels of compliance. When you combine this with the need to present a low environmental footprint there is an impact on margins.

Improve your green credentials with our onBoarding processOur innovation the “Employment Challenge” speaks to all the above.

The removal of paper speaks directly to the green credentials of the environmental challenge.

However, most people forget about the peripherals in use with paper.

You get an instant reduction in printer and toner use together with less space for storage of the printing, going green looks cheaper.

Lastly, avoid the need for unnecessary travel and time when you ensure the process is right the first time.

The next Employment Challenge is compliance. You start with the right to work. Then you need to ensure training and health and safety with documentation for proof. Finally you can employ/pay your staff. Any breaks in this process result in risk to either the individual or the business and a reduction in efficiency.

onboardings key employment challenges faced by business

The CSSA’s Deputy Chairman Sean caught up with the MD and Operations director after uComply’s innovation presentation which you can see below:

The actual Innovation showcase event was due to be on the 19th March sadly, COVID-19 has got in the way.We will let you know when it is rescheduled.

Finally, you don’t have to wait for the showcase why not contact us to find out how we look to satisfy the Employment challenge.


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