uComply’s walk your dog


uComply’s walk your dog

January 14, 2021

walk your dogDid you know that January is ‘walk your dog’ month. Our faithful companions are always there for us with a happy face and wagging tail. Their greeting, even if you’ve only been out for 5 minutes, is like they haven’t seen you for days.

It’s massively important to us all, especially during these crazy times, to find a positive focus and your pet can help you through it all.

Our pets are usually important parts of our life and they give, give, give without asking for much in return. So, treat your pooch. Take them for a nice walk and spoil them. They deserve it.

If you’ve managed to eat all those extra portions of food during the festivities because you over-ordered for those guests who attended virtually why not include them in your schemes to lose those extra pounds. Regular walking will also help your pooch with their weight management as I’m sure like me they get their own extra treats over the Christmas period. At the risk of repeating myself, get out and walk your dog.

Not forgetting what it feels like to get some fresh air too. If you’re stuck indoors every day getting out and breathing some clean air does wonders. We all know that pet’s help with lowering blood pressure (that is when they are behaving!). Did you know that breathing deeply can clear your lungs, unblock a congested nose, give you more energy, focus your mind and it’s also good for lowering heart rate and blood pressure too.

Get out and walk your dog

enjoy your dogs camaraderieOur “office dog” Sonny (above) tries very hard to be useful now that we’re working from home. He listens out for the door, interrupts your web calls and looks hopefully whenever you eat your lunch. He does however look forward to having quality time with us during walks. Surprisingly, whilst he can be quite demanding he’s also helping ground the whole family with his positive ways.

Steve’s dog (right) loves being out too but it does take a little more time to get him cleaned up.

If you walk the dog why not turn your phone onto silent and have a technology free time.
You’d be surprised what you may find in your local area, absorb your surroundings, look around and spot the wildlife and enjoy living in the moment. Take time to focus purely on your dog; chase them or take a ball to play fetch. They’ll appreciate your attention.  It also gives them the chance to be a dog, sniffing out scents and exploring different area’s.
Technology will still be there when you get back.

blankIt’s a dogs life – or perhaps if you are from Jamaica, you could take your goat for a walk.

The picture was taken when last on holiday and there is no Photoshop involved, it really was a black and white goat!

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Each month we’ll try and post something new (not just business related) so, keep an eye out; you never know what’s coming next.

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