The process matters


The process matters

February 14, 2024

It doesn’t matter what you are doing when it comes to compliance. It is not just about ‘lip service’ it’s about getting the process right.

The fines have now increased to £60,000 for employing illegal workers. You can’t as employers plead ignorance to a process that has been operational since 2008.

The question is, are you comfortable that you know what that process is?

Sadly, as recently reported, for one café Licensee, not keeping on top of the guidance changes could now result in their premises being closed in addition to fines being levied. The licence holder said that he

“Mistakenly believed a French passport to be sufficient as proof of right to work”

“Wrongly believed a National Insurance number to be sufficient to show a right to work”

Home Office process checklist is simple

This process risk is totally avoidable provided you follow the procedures as laid out in the Home Office guidance for Right to Work.

Ensure you follow the guidance to the letter and you will get a Statutory Excuse. This will prevent you getting fines for mistakes that you could not detect.

There is an alternative – use our regular training courses to stay on top the changes. In addition we have technology to ensure your recruiters do follow the steps required. If you see everyone face to face then uAuthenticate Mobile is for you. If you remotely recruit the use our Digital ID solution uIDentify.

You could combine this with our onboarding solution uOnboard which will enable a paperless onboarding experience for your new staff members.


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