What Does Brexit Mean for Right to Work & Immigration Compliance Checks?


What Does Brexit Mean for Right to Work & Immigration Compliance Checks?

September 6, 2019

Brexit and right to Work checksSo, do you know what Brexit means for Right to Work & Immigration Compliance Checks?

Q: Who is the best person to ask when it comes to immigration compliance checks after Brexit?

A: The government, Brussels, newspapers, the internet…. or the answer is not sure.

The whole point here is that no one really knows how Brexit is going to play out, so it pays to be prepared. But, prepared for what? It’s a fair question, and still no one really knows the answer right now. There’s no getting away from it, Brexit is holding up a lot of important business decisions and causing business owners plenty of headaches along the way.

What Do We Do in the Meantime?

There are three schools of thought when it comes to what to do now:

  • Try to decipher what you hear in the media, keep your ear low to the ground, and hope to get lucky
  • Panic and start throwing money around left, right, and centre so that you feel like you’re covering every base
  • Keep calm and carry on, whilst also investing in flexible future-proofed tools

When you see it written down like that, it’s pretty clear follow the Right to work guidance around immigration complance checksthat Option 3 is the smart way to go, isn’t it? With that in mind, it’s worth taking a look at what we know for certain right now…

What Do We Reliably Know About Immigration Compliance Checks?

For the time being, little has changed regarding immigration compliance checks. The UK continues to operate as it did before the referendum decided to take over all of our lives. Every time you pick up a paper, turn on the news, or listen to the radio you’ll hear that something has been agreed in principle, and that it’s going to cause X, Y, and Z to all change dramatically. But nothing has changed yet, and the EU Settlement Scheme is still an optional / voluntary process.

You should of course be aware of it and plan for the future, but right now if you keep doing what you’ve been doing for years, you’ll already be halfway there. Now that we’ve got the present covered, how does the future look?

How Do We Move Forward with Immigration Compliance Checks?

The most important thing to remember is that it seems impossible for any two experts to agree on what’s going to happen next. That’s human nature, and you should take everything you hear with a pinch of salt. Just because someone comes on the TV in the evening and speaks confidently and boldly about the way forward, doesn’t mean you should base all of your company’s immigration compliance checks for the next 20 years on what they say.

Take a step back, have a coffee, and just make a mental note that you’ve heard yet another potential outcome. It’s useful to be aware of them, but what you really need is a tool that keeps track of immigration compliance checks for you.

Exhaustive Planning vs Flexibility

ensuring immigration compliance checks are correct should not be hardIt’s tempting to try and create some master plan where you list every possible Brexit outcome, and then detail the immigration compliance checks you’ll need to add to your current processes. But just hit the pause button for moment and consider how much duplicated effort this is going to take. How will you find time to take care of the dozens of non-Brexit related things that need doing too?

We’re very much on the side of flexibility, which is exactly why we developed uAuthenticate. The idea is to make life that little bit easier by investing in a smart tool that changes with the times. Because you know that you’re using something that’s always up to speed, you can be sure of always being compliant despite the latest Brexit developments.

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