uSponsor – Corporate Client – What happens when things go wrong?


uSponsor – Corporate Client – What happens when things go wrong?

September 6, 2019

The organisation

The company has a number of offices in the UK and internationally and specialise in providing corporate services to a large number of clients.

They often have intercompany transfers and hire specialists from abroad to work in the UK.

The challenge

The company had just been inspected by the UKBA. They looked at the company’s procedures and found that the published guidelines for Sponsor organisations had not been followed to their satisfaction (e.g. not being able to produce documents in a reasonable timeframe, a number of missing documents and a number of expired documents).

In addition, when checking staff who were not subject to sponsorship the UKBA found two illegal workers and problems with six other members of staff (where records recording the right to work process were missing).

The fine levied was £80,000. However, the company had a right of appeal of 28 days and so they employed an immigration lawyer at £1,000 per day. (The total cost including a barrister was in excess of £12,500).

In addition, they were downgraded from an A to a B rating and were given a plan for corrective measures by the UKBA costing £3,000. Total expected cost £95,500.

Even if the fines were reduced after appeal they would still have incurred substantial costs.

None of these figures include any costs with regards to the reputational damage incurred when they were named and shamed by the UKBA or the amount of time spent by the company collating the information.

uComply solution/service

After contacting uComply and buying our solution uSponsor they achieved complete ‘peace of mind’, knowing that they were ready for a UKBA inspection at any time (announced or unannounced) and that their company’s reputation was protected in the future.

Our offering helps:

Reduce cost

  • reduce need for immigration specialist
  • Get it right first time, every time ( easy to use – minimal training required)
  • Reduce paper storage/filing  requirements (electronically stored)

Provide increased Control (SMART Process)

  • Standard/consistent procedure/process
  • Identify/manage issues when they occur
  • Management dashboard to highlight future issues and current state of play

To minimise risk

  • Reduce likelihood of fines or custodial sentences
  • Provide Statutory Excuse/ pass UKBA inspection
  • Protect company from reputational damage

In addition you will always be ready for an inspection and have confidence that you should pass

Outcome and benefits for the client with uComply

After having had uSponsor installed they had:

  • Demonstrated to the UKBA that they had a controlled immigration recruitment process
  • Scanned all their staff using the right to work module where they would have had a statutory excuse against prosecution
  • Been able to produce any records requested in seconds
  • Had alerts on their dashboard displaying missing/expiring documents
  • Been able to track any alerts through the simple workflow error handling and control

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