UK Right to Work – let us help you overcome your challenges


UK Right to Work – let us help you overcome your challenges

September 6, 2019

Getting your UK Right to Work process compliant should not be difficult. In the video below we’ve tried to highlight some of the challenges faced by businesses of all sizes.

Get your Right to Work process wrong and it can:

  • get you a fine,
  • increase the risk of reputational damage
  • reduce the chances of winning/retaining new business.

Right to Work Checks in the UKGood management practice with standards is essential. So, how do you ensure that all your management teams recruit in the same way?

We know by applying consistent standards across your recruitment activity will ensure you protect both your company and your employees.

With many companies a disparate workforce across many locations is common place. This can place a strain on compliance especially for Right to Work.

So, what do you need to comply with the current UK Right to Work guidance?

Firstly, you need to read the current guidance. In January 2019 new Right to Work guidance was published. In summary, the existing guidance largely stands with a couple of main changes.

  • Introduction to the new “settlement status” process which facilitates the management of eligible EU nationals
  • Allowing the use of a “short form birth certificate”

In addition there are a few tweaks to other allowable documents as well. Above all, as an employer if you follow the Right to Work guidance you will get your “statutory excuse” which gives protection against fines.

It sounds simple? How many of you have read all of the guidance? How comfortable are you that you follow it? Would your Right to Work process stand up to a Right to Work inspection and pass? Hopefully you’re able to answer yes to all the questions.

Finally, if you’d like to ensure your Right to Work guidance is followed consistently across your entire business why not give us a call. Alternatively you can always fill out our contact form and we will be touch.

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