Temperature monitoring solution SKO Therma Check


Temperature monitoring solution SKO Therma Check

July 1, 2020

terst for temperatureTemperature control may be the new norm.

check your temperatureThe world is changing. When we return to work we need to protect ourselves and our staff. One way is to ensure no-one has a temperature when entering your premises.

As a result, one major change in our approach to working, needs to look at the health of our staff and visitors. In other words “how are you doing” is a question that has a new meaning.

In this brave new world how can you be safe? Have good access control processes in place? Ensure all your staff are present?

SKO systems solution Therma Check will actively scan the temperature of staff and visitors with alerts for high temperatures and the option of facial recognition.

How you like to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors? Therma Check

  • Will alert you if their temperature is high
  • Is contact-less
  • Has facial recognition
  • Is a stand alone portable self-contained unit and gets power from a built in battery or mains

A very simple solution to keep everyone safe.

Entry control without the need for contact

With the option of facial recognition you use this to

  • Prevent unauthorised access
  • Ensure visitors are registered correctly
  • Check staff in and out

Consequently, you can ensure that you follow your security protocols all the time. Meanwhile if an evacuation takes place you can see if all visitors and staff have left the building. Moreover, with a simple API you can connect into your time and attendance solution.

In summary you could check everyone’s temperature when entering your premises, ensure they are meant to be there and finally fully integrate this into your own systems.

sko systems logoSKO are our development partners helping us deliver the quality solutions that our clients rely upon. In the current climate we believe Therma Check will be of interest to all employers / facility managers who want to ensure the safety of their staff / visitors.

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