Stay safe in today’s new world – COVID-19


Stay safe in today’s new world – COVID-19

April 23, 2020

If we all consider the impact of Covid-19 in our everyday lives it has been a (hopefully) once in a lifetime event. As we consider how to adapt and stay safe we put together a simple info-graphic showing some simple steps we we can take to achieve that.

Our 6 step guide to stay safe in today's new world - COVID19

This post which we shared on our company’s page on linkedin (our IT fairies have been working on our new website) which from the feedback many people found useful. Please book mark it for any updates. We hope you can stay safe.

Whenever we have no choice but to interact with others outside of our everyday contacts we need to consider

  1. Do we need to actually have to meet them in person?
  2. If we do then stop and think first.
  3. Avoid physical contact – please don’t shake hands
  4. Don’t forget the virus stays longer on hard surfaces

These are simple steps we can take to protect ourselves, our staff and stay safe.

  1. Can we see them over video rather than face to face rather than in person
  2. Can we ensure a 6ft distance and keep to social distancing
  3. Please don’t shake hands – [perhaps focus on a verbal greeting)
  4. Wash your hands and don’t forget any surfaces that have been touched by your visitors

Soon we will be able to touch but in the mean time do take careWe are very fortunate as a company to be able to work remotely and therefor
can avoid physical contact and hope we fervently that you all stay safe.

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