Should immigration fill the skills gap? Great article worth a read.


Should immigration fill the skills gap? Great article worth a read.

September 6, 2019

Training and internal development are crucial for any company forming the lifeblood for efficient future expansion. We at uComply are firm believers in this policy but as an immigration compliance firm we also recognise the need to “import” help when this ideal is not achievable.

Government red tape can hinder this process and we offer a simple to use solution that enables companies to comply with the tightening guidelines imposed by the UK government on employees under immigration control. This allows the companies to focus on business development rather than regulation.

We have had discussions over the last year with specialised engineering firms who rely on bringing in sponsored workers to bridge the skills shortages in the industry and have seen trends where non-availability of these individuals has caused the loss of business contracts and in the worst case the industry sector requiring the skills take their operations to other countries who are more obliging.

It would be shame if the UK was to lose its place in the global market place through a stifling immigration policy when the real issue revolves around control and management of the illegal immigrants and not additional regulatory burdens on the legitimate businesses out there.

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