Right to Work Recruitment sector – uAuthenticate


Right to Work Recruitment sector – uAuthenticate

September 6, 2019

The company is a prominent recruitment firm which supplies both public and private sectors with temporary staff and, to a lesser degree, permanent staff.

The business requirement

The company has for years taken photocopies of the right to work documentation and, where applicable, passed the documents under an ultraviolet light to check for tampering.

However, they discovered that a number of illegal workers had slipped through their checks.

The company recognised that they can create a key differentiator for themselves in the recruitment sector by ensuring that candidates/staff supplied to their clients are validated as eligible to work in the UK, and so contacted uComply.

uComply’s solution

We quickly identified that the company needed our uAuthenticate system.

This enabled them to:

  • Quickly scan and authenticate documents such as passports, country id cards, biometric cards etc….
  • Upload scans of other right to work documents like a birth certificate, national insurance number, official letter etc…
  • Develop a feed into their own systems that captured the scan results and applied them to their candidates
  • See alerts on their dashboard displaying missing/expiring documents, allowing greater control over their process and identifying a number of changes to their recruitment practices:
    • reduced interview time as they adopted the authentication check as the first stage of the recruitment process
    • reduced the requirement for documentation experts, allowing employment procedures to become standardised across all their branches
    • provided management with a single point of view for their employment process

Outcome and benefits for the client

As well as the “peace of mind” that staff were compliant with all immigration guidelines and laws, the company discovered that the quality of temporary staff went up as the “illegals” stayed away, as word spread of their new system.

In addition, uAuthenticate enabled the company to:

  • Standardise systems and procedures – so saving time and resources
  • Identify and manage issues as soon as they arose
  • Monitor the status of all workers at a glance via their dashboard
  • Reduce the need for immigration specialists so saving costs
  • Allow junior HR staff to use the system as minimal training is required
  • Reduce the amount of forms stored and the likelihood of misfiling or record loss as electronically stored

Using uAuthenticate also enabled them to minimise the risks involved with workers and to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of fines or custodial sentences
  • Provide a Statutory Excuse and to pass any UKBA inspection
  • Protect the company from reputational damage

Ultimately, using uComply’s solution provided a key differentiator to their competitors allowing them to capture more business and retain existing clients

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