Right to Work in the UK is a simple process – ?


Right to Work in the UK is a simple process – ?

September 6, 2019

Compliance for Right to Work in the UK

You’ve set up your company, you’re growing and you are employing people. Your systems are bang up to date; you’ve a new upgraded accountancy package; payroll is rocking and HMRC are happy; you’ve got an HR system so your references, development needs, education, health and safety are all taken care of. All are big ticks but, what did you do with your Right to Work in the UK process?

Home Office three steps to Right to Work in the UK complianceChances are that you are still photocopying, signing/dating and filing the results in a cabinet. Perhaps you’re scanning those Right to Work documents using a flatbed scanner. Then after you’ve checked you upload them to your HR system / folder on your servers. Now provided the documents that you’ve seen:

  • are real
  • belong to the individual
  • are saved in an un-editable format

Then, you have followed the Home Office Right to Work in the UK guidance and should have a statutory excuse.
Get it wrong and you risk a fine of up to £20,000 per illegal, maybe a prison sentence and the ensuing reputational damage when your name gets published by the UKVI. In reality how confident would you be with a surprise inspection from the UKVI?

fake documents for cashThe availability of good quality forged documents is on the increase. Consequently the risk of employing a person presenting fakes is also on the increase. Various articles and studies have suggested indicative costs for fake documents. They include €50 for a French ID card, £600 for a Biometric card to £3,000 for a good UK passport.
Whilst the good quality fakes may not attract a penalty they may still involve adverse publicity following an inspection by the UKVI.

The future is here to help with your Right to Work compliance

So you’ve revamped your HR systems, Accounting packages, Client/Candidate Management solutions etc.  Did you know that you could use technology to streamline your Right to Work Process?

Right to Work in the UK simplifiedWe’ve removed the manual nature of the traditional Right to Work in the UK compliance checking process.

We’ve taken the Home Office guidance and combined this with passport scanners just like the ones used at airports and border control points. Alternatively we developed a mobile solution for recruitment on the go.

This presents you with an effective use of technology which when followed will give you a statutory excuse.

Wouldn’t you like to know that your Right to Work compliance is as controlled as it can be?

Why not take a look at uAuthenticate and if it looks interesting give us a call on 01707 800840 or send an email to enquires@ucomply.co.uk we’d love to hear from you.

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