Right to Work compliance at your fingertips


Right to Work compliance at your fingertips

September 6, 2019

When you’ve had a busy, successful day finding those right candidates and placing them in their roles with your clients, how comfortable are you that they are who they say they are and how does your Right to Work compliance process hold up to scrutiny?

Our stats, based upon samples sent to us, indicate “fake” documents make up 4% of the scans queried by our clients. These are the ones reported to us, and based upon a few conversations with our clients, the actual figure we believe could be closer to 10%.

Bearing this in mind isn’t it time to review your recruitment process for new staff?

Follow the Right to Work guidance
We can help beef up your Right to Work compliance procedures bringing them into the 21st century.

Our system uAuthenticate helps you manage the risks around the right to work process giving you peace of mind that:

  • you have protection for your company’s reputation by not employing illegal workers
  • gives you with a one process across your entire organisation
  • reduces the likelihood of fines (£20,000 per illegal) and or custodial sentences for the employment of illegal workers

So how do we do ensure right to work compliance for you?

  • We use border control standard document scanners to check passports, visas, country ID cards, biometric cards and driving licenses
  • Or, we can use mobile technology to take the process to where you recruit
  • We’ve built the Home Office guidance into our system ensuring you follow the right processes to get a Statutory Excuse
  • We use a simple to use wizard driven interface which helps to embed a standard process. As a result it performs the necessary checks for your candidates in less than 1 minute

Our mission is. To give UK employers a simple, reliable and cost-effective Right to Work compliance tool incorporating the Home Office immigration guidelines.
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