Onboarding process made easy


Onboarding process made easy

April 27, 2020

Onboarding made easy utilising your existing procedures.

It is essential that every company manages its workforce. The onBoarding process begins with the legal requirement to check the Right to Work, but beyond this each company’s process can differ substantially. Essentially every company we’ve talked to has differences in their eligibility to work (ETW) processes. As a result each step requires the capture of information at the time of employment covering personal data, payroll, Health and Safety, training etc. before a worker is fully compliant.

Firstly, our research highlighted there are major pain-points for ETW around their onBoarding process which we have summarised below:

  • Largely Paper based
  • Inconsistent capture/processing of information
  • Personal data may not be secure
  • Ensuring compliance is not straightforward
  • Margins are low, controlling cost is critical

OnBoarding process

Furthermore, ensuring workers compliance with changing regulations can cause you sleepless nights. Whether its Right to Work, GDPR, Health & Safety, Employment contracts, ETW the list seems endless. Getting your workers’ onboarding documentation right from the start is critical.

Improve your green credentials with ETW & onBoarding processOne thing is certain, we are all moving towards a digital world where physical storage of documents is gradually being consigned to the recycling bin.

Above all why not consider improving your green credentials with a digital onBoarding process and save trees by going paperless. Paper is everywhere. We hardly think about it, but businesses spend a lot of time and money moving paperwork around, filing it and ensuring its security.

uComply helps get rid of paper for to your Right to Work (uAuthenticate) and Onboarding processes.

In summary, digitizing your onBoarding documents

  • Simplifies completion of your eligibility to work requirements
  • Reduces paper use in your organisation
  • Rationalizes storage and improves the ability to find documentation
  • Gives you a cost effective management system

Finally, why not explore onboarding by going Paperless, helping Protect your business, Saving Time through efficiency. Most importantly do ensure all your employees have the statutory Right to Work and have completed the Right ETW for your organisation.

Even more if you’re considering your green credentials Get in contact with us today to find out how our tailor-made solution can help you.

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