Mental health and RTW – listen to your staff


Mental health and RTW – listen to your staff

May 21, 2020

With the advent of returning to work (RTW) we need to consider a number of key factors including personal finance and mental health.

  • Employers need to read the governments guidance on how to maintain social distancing on their premises. Don’t forget the environment the employees work within immediately around the presmises.
  • Have you considered your employees mental health and are they ready to RTW?
  • Is the time to RTW, right for your business?

Most of the stories in the media concern themselves with the spread of COVID-19. However, when you look ‘under the hood’ many staff are anxious and even scared! The slowing of the infections has come at a cost both financially and mentally. Business economics urges us to RTW, but as I’ve advocated before, your staff are one of your most important assets. If they are unhappy or worried then they may not be as effective as they normally are. If this is the case then the commercial viability for your business may suffer.

Are there any steps we can take around mental health awareness?consider your mental health

As an employer and out of interest I’ve taken a couple of online mental health assessments to see how well I fair. Suffice to say I do have some ‘lockdown fatigue’ symptoms where I actually thought I was doing quite well.
I’ve now asked my staff to complete the same questionnaires and answer them honestly. I have explained there are no repercussions besides getting an independent view of where their ‘head is at’. They can choose to share the results or not, it is up to them. Having all been working from home since march my colleagues surprisingly are fairing admirably well from a mental health point of view.

The two sites I selected were, Test your Well being and the NHS mood assessment. Whilst I chose these there are many options available both free and paid for that help you determine a level of mental robustness.

So, I urge employers and employees to be open and transparent with each other so that mental health can be addressed when considering RTW.

If you have any questions speak to your leaders and voice your concerns.


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