Illegal workers in Construction


Illegal workers in Construction

September 6, 2019

Right to Work compliance is important for all businesses in the UK. The UK Government continues its focus on illegal workers, over-stayers and rogue employers.

During the last quarter in 2015 the Home Office ran a themed approach on specific sectors called ‘Operation Magnify’ where they targeted companies employing ‘lower-skilled’ labour (i.e. Construction sites, Care Homes and Cleaning companies) ensuring Right to Work compliance and checking processes were in place for the identification of potential illegal workers.

In one week alone over 150 companies where visited, over 250 arrests made and fines in excess of £600,000 were issued.

The demographic of companies involved ranged from the SMEs to the larger firms across the entire country from East Coast to West. (The type of businesses ranged from shop fitters to major multimillion pound sized organisations). The Home Office is asking you as construction employers to view illegal working as a vital issue (on a par with your Health and Safety). They are in effect asking you to take it one step further

Do you as main contractors check your sub-contractors’ compliance with Right to Work checks as you would with checking health and safety accreditation, employing local labour or the provenance of materials?

Technology can help massively with the management of checking workers IDs are authentic and that the documents are not fraudulent.

Our solution uAuthenticate helps you to comply. A simple wizard driven menu “hand-holds” you through the Right to Work process and ensures that you and your staff follow a set procedure incorporating the Home Office guidance which is built-into our solution. Our solution authenticates (not just validates) ICAO compliant documentation by scanning and comparing Passports, Visas, Country ID cards, Biometric cards and driving licences against a global database of known good documents.

– Why not simplify your ID checking process and the risk of fines?

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