Digital ID more information


Digital ID more information

September 16, 2022

With Digital ID just around the corner, here’s what you need to know!

Digital ID process getting it rightHow we recruit changed dramatically with the introduction of online recruitment during COVID and in October 2022 the Governments Digital ID scheme will come into full force. This facilitates remote recruitment for UK and Irish citizens with valid passports utilising an identity service provider (IDSP).

Here’s a high level summary on what it takes to remain compliant and still obtain a Statutory Excuse.

  • Companies will need to see candidates face-to-face or virtually to ensure they tie back to the identification documents. This equally applies to the UK and Irish Digital ID process as well as Government e-visa programs.
  • If workers are recruited face to face businesses need to know when to use physical documents vs. internet or cloud-based versions. Please see here for the latest guidance.
  • For UK and Irish citizens ID where their passport has expired or they present birth certificates and National Insurance numbers it will require employers to see the original documents in the presence of the holder.
  • TUPE transfers require Right to Work checks to be complete within 60 days of transfer. Employers should undertake “fresh” checks for TUPE transfers where there is insufficient evidence that the original checks took place.
  • New European workers will need either a share-code or alternative documentation as per the guidance. E.g. if you employed them before the 1st July 2021 using a Passport or ID card this is acceptable. (i.e. list A acceptable documents establish a continuous Statutory Excuse for Right to Work). These do not require retrospective checks to be undertaken.

Ensuring ongoing compliance with the upcoming guidance changes – Digital ID

Home Office compliance Checks simplifiedIt’s important to familiarise yourself with the correct guidance at the time of employment as the penalties can be very high for incorrectly onboarding employees if they were found to be illegal. To ensure peace of mind also work with a reputable company that has experience within Right to Work.

With any major changes to the Right to Work guidance like Digital ID it’s vital you know its impact. Get in touch to find out how we can help with Digital ID or our complimentary technological solution uAuthenticate for your existing Right to Work process

This article does not constitute legal advice. For legal advice on immigration or employment law please consult a legal professional.

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