The inspection process

There are three main steps you need to take when following the Home Office guidance to pass a right to work inspection. In summary you should:

how to pass an inspection1. Obtain original versions of one or more acceptable documents
uAuthenticate will tell you that the documents supplied are authentic,
 in date and if any key documents are missing – reducing your risk of
 employing an illegal worker.

2. Check the document’s validity in the presence of the holder. Checks performed in the presence of the worker are recorded through a
 series of questions and answers.

3. Make and retain a clear copy and record the date the check was made. Resultant documents are stored in an un-editable format with a full audit
 trail. These can be stored in the worker’s profile and retrieved for an inspection

Helping you to pass the inspection process – all employers

UKVI inspections follow a set process and uAuthenticate will ensure that you sail through an inspection.
uAuthenticate = Statutory Excuse

How to ensure you are compliant

For the inspection

  • Have clear, legible copies of the Right to Work checks for all your staff
  • Record when the document checks were done and who did them
  • Ensure that you can locate these documents quickly to present to the immigration officer

If you have concerns about an individual then, have you referred to the guidance document or have you run through the employer checking service? If you have doubts about the authenticity of the document, then until someone can allay those doubts do not employ and record why you refused.

Consequently, if you think any document is fraudulent then you should make a report to the Home Office.

Finally remember: get it wrong and you could be facing a fine and or imprisonment so it pays to get it right. why not use technology to help you stay compliant.

right to work checks on your mobile

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