Kim-Marie our MD has over a quarter of a centuries experience in and around recruitment. She has for a long time been an advocate of helping businesses of all sizes. The ability to provide compliance should be available to all who supply staff regardless of their size.
From a business and personal perspective Kim-Marie respects the ethos and aims that TEAM provides for its membership.
It is important that small to medium sized recruiters have a voice in today’s market place. Small to medium sized businesses are the lifeblood for a healthy economy. After finding a number of issues around compliance in her last firm she felt there had to be a better way and so she formed her company uComply. uComply embracing technology provides effective Right to Work controls which are available and affordable to all.

Kim-Marie believes uComply’s offering uAuthenticate can bring real value to all members. uAuthenticate incorporates full Home Office guidance compliance and therefore provides our clients with complete Right to Work controls. She said “the days of compliance only being affordable for the large companies needs to be addressed. I believe that uAuthenticate is an affordable option whilst at the same time being effective for small companies”.

The availability of good quality forged documents is on the increase. Consequently the risk of employing a person presenting fakes is also on the increase. From various articles here are some indicative costs for fake documents. (e.g. 50 French ID card, £600 Biometric card & £3,000 for a good UK passport.) Whilst good quality fakes may not attract a penalty they may still risk adverse publicity.

Technology helps to streamline your Right to Work controls

In our solution we’ve all but removed the manual nature around the traditional Right to Work controls with the use of technology in the on-boarding process. We’ve taken the Home Office guidance and combined this with passport scanners just like the ones used at airports and border control points. Consequently, our solution once implemented, gives you a statutory excuse.

simple steps for right to work complianceSurprisingly, improved compliance can be a great way to protect and grow your recruitment business. If we consider your current Right to Work controls; How much value do you place on your reputation? How many could afford fines running into the 10’s of thousands for a simple administrative error? I’m sure most of you will answer that business reputation is key and fines could seriously damage your companies value.

As by way of example, the UK media reported the results of a week-long operation where immigration officers targeted 280 businesses looking for illegal workers. The outcome was very clear – Almost a hundred arrests!  68 companies with penalty notices. All this because they didn’t have proof or made mistakes in their Right to Work document procedures.

To the best of our knowledge none of these companies were using a document checking solution like uAuthenticate, or we know that they’d be in the clear.


  • Right to Work simplified - help to protect and grow your recruitment businessA simple, affordable solution that can authenticate against a library of over 3,000 ID documents. And most of all give you a Statutory Excuse that protects you from prosecution.
  • Every single client you approach knowing that you will never supply them with a worker who is illegal. As a result of our system you can actively demonstrate this in the form of reports as additional collateral for your clients.
  • Running your business knowing that you are notified when any document is going to expire or expired – and prompt you to act.
  • If you could customise your service and add additional documents/questions that satisfy the clients requirements.

Of course, each of your staff will also save a huge amount of time so they’re free to get on with placing staff. Why not use our simple software solutions uAuthenticate to help protect, grow and make your recruitment business more efficient?

uComply are attending to launch an exciting new product at the upcoming TEAM conference in March this year and we look forward to meeting and greeting you.

Don’t forget that as TEAM members you qualify for a discount, all you need to do is ask.