Training for Right to Work

ID documentation checkingWe have, over the years been providing our technology backed solution for Right to Work (uAuthenticate). Included in our implementation  training is how to handle ID documentation checking. In addition, we ensure that our clients fully comply with the Home Office guidance for Right to Work.

A number of clients and others suggested that we could offer the training for the ID documentation checking elements as a separate service. We take on board all customer requests and during 2017 we ran a number of training days. The feedback has been so positive that we are now offering training as a service.

What do we offer when training you on Right to Work ID documentation checking?

Whether it's a refresher on the current guidance or teaching a beginner the basics of ID documentation checking we can help. You are our guide and we can tailor the half or full day to match your requirements.

Typically we aim to cover the following elements during a training day:

  • A refresher on the current guidance together with some of the greyer area’s
  • A hands on session where we look at how to examine documents
  • Role play for when you find a suspicious document
  • The use of technology within this process

Over the last few months we have included the impact of GDPR which has provoked very interesting conversations.

Right to Work simplifiedWe use collected fake document examples which we have received from our clients over the years. This helps to improve your existing processes for ID documentation checking as well as allowing you to quickly spot the fake.
Additionally, drawing on real life experience in the field we can point out some of the area's where companies get it wrong. From checking the documents to following guidance.

What are you waiting for?

Based upon the feedback received we are sure there is something for everyone.

One of our most recent clients said:

".. the team really enjoyed the training and found it very useful, they were able to pick up extra ID checking techniques and Stefan was able to answer any questions we had... We feel that we have received an excellent service from uComply, Stefan and the team with their thorough training and support... would definitely recommend their services to any business" Tina Tout, Manager - Castle Employment

We visit your premises, customise the training , making sure your staff are armed to make the right choices. You decide, it's your choice.

Ensure you stay compliant and help avoid the risk of fines and/or reputational damage.

If you'd like more information please give us a call 01707 800840 or send an email using the contact form. We will get right back to you.