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Digital ID is currently a part of the Home Office guidance changes to facilitate remote checking due 6th April 2022. Update as of 22.02.2022 – This has now been changed to 30th September 2022 to allow the IDVT providers to ensure certification.

For more information in relation to Digital ID and the change that directly impacts the COVID temporary guidance please look at Coronavirus (COVID-19): right to work checks – GOV.UK (

If you continue to see your candidates in person, either at induction or training days you can just perform a physical check.

uComply is an Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) company.

We provide our clients with solutions, processes that adhere to the Home Office guidance. We ensure that your are compliant.

As a result of our client requests over the last few years we have delivered a number of new innovations. For Right to Work compliance with the Home Office guidance  chip-read and COVID compliance. For recruitment best practise we developed Onboarding and most recently our Candidate Self Service.

Consequently, continuing with our innovation, we are applying to become certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) on the new UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.

Getting certified for our Digital ID solution will be largely dependant on when UKAS announce their chosen certification bodies and the subsequent audit.

Digital ID

The Digital ID breakthrough will bring about a true revolution around remote recruitment for companies of all sizes.

For example for digital enrolment the employer will send a link to the candidate and ask:

digital id uComply to help with home office guidance

            • That the candidate Installs the FREE App
            • Takes a Selfie
            • Performs a liveness check (a simple example can be seen above)
            • Scans their Passport
            • Gets notified and has their Results Recorded

The employer will then receive the results

Our solution uAuthenticate can then take over and ensure employers follow the necessary steps as detailed in the Home Office guidance to achieve a Statutory Excuse

Above all, with technology, you should see this as a valuable enabler for your company. Our solutions provide an increase in efficiency and allows you to reduce the risk to your companies recruitment process

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