Illegal workers in Construction

Operation magnify, ConstructionRight to Work compliance is important for all businesses in the UK. The UK Government continues its focus on illegal workers, over-stayers and rogue employers.

During the last quarter in 2015 the Home Office ran a themed approach on specific sectors called ‘Operation Magnify’ where they targeted companies employing ‘lower-skilled’ labour (i.e. Construction sites, Care Homes and Cleaning companies) ensuring Right to Work compliance and checking processes were in place for the identification of potential illegal workers.

In one week alone over 150 companies where visited, over 250 arrests made and fines in excess of £600,000 were issued.

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PSC or Umbrella contractors: A route to illegal working?

Umbrella PSC illegal working immigration

Who’s at risk?

With an extensive background in the recruitment industry (over 25 years) I am familiar with the use of Personal Service Companies (PSC) and Umbrellas in the industry. When it comes to checking that the individual supplied to the end user client has the right to work in the UK, who has that responsibility?

In the case of a PSC it could well be argued that it is the responsibility of the limited company concerned. But, let’s not kid ourselves here – is an illegal worker who sets up their own PSC going to check their own right to work documents?

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